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Three College60 Girls Sucking Off Guys

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College60 Videos

These college girls are as hot as they are horny. They sit together and prepare to play a game called “How many cumshots can we get?” They go on a college sex spree to see how many cumshots they get. These girls are so young and cute that they rack up the cumshots in no time. There is always a college guy willing to satisfy a college girls need for cock. They suck and fuck their little hearts out and even take on multiple cocks to get that cumshot count up. It’s a good thing that sites like College Rules bring all the action to you so you can watch these young college fuck sluts get fucked.

College60.com Deepthroat BJ Contest

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College60 Videos

These very cute college girls get together and start making each other horny by softly kissing each other so they decide to play a sexy game. They have a deepthroat contest to see which girl can take a dildo deeper in her young mouth. It’s not long before they start wanting more and invite a lucky college guy over to take over as the cock that they would deepthroat for the contest. They get more horny each time they suck the cock so they start riding it and having hot college sex. They moan and cum all over his cock as this guy fucks them hard and deep. Another reason why college rules.