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A group of horny college sorority girls get a guy that is more than willing to participate in their little game of Who’s Sucking My Cock. This is a game where the lucky guy puts a bag over his head and he has to guess which supple young college girl has his cock in her mouth swallowing it balls deep. Suddenly, when his cock is hard, they start putting the cock in their tight young pussies. All the amazingly hot young hotties play the game and the guy is the clear winner. You can only find girls this hot and horny at College60.

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You can find some wild and horny girls at a crazy college party. Once the keg starts going, you can see the clothes of the tight young hotties coming off. They play games for a while, but the more drunk they get the more loose they get and want to have college sex. Soon there are girls kissing in one corner, a girl riding a cock in the other corner and a girl with two cocks in her hand in the middle of the room. College Rules has more than a few hot college fuck sluts like this who have hot college sex and orgies on camera and they all have a need for cock.

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The stunning and petite college girls in this wet t-shirt contest are almost too hot. Their tight young bodies look so good through their wet t-shirts that all the guys start getting hard cocks. The girls feed off the sexual energy and start having hot college sex right there at the contest. You never know when a college party is going to turn into a college orgy and it’s great to have a site like College Rules around to bring all that college sex to you. These girls love to suck cock and get fucked so you might as well watch them doing what they love.


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A friendly college game of nude Twister turns into Truth or Fuck. The nubile young college sluts look so hot nude and contorting their bodies on the Twister board that everyone in the room starts to get horny. Girls start playing with each other’s pussies and some girls start grabbing cocks. The girls get so horny that they start eating each other’s asses out and grabbing cocks to suck. They get fucked hard and deep right in the middle of the crowd, but no one thinks anything strange because everyone is having college sex. College60  brings you the best in college hotness and orgies that just keep coming in.

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These college girls are as hot as they are horny. They sit together and prepare to play a game called “How many cumshots can we get?” They go on a college sex spree to see how many cumshots they get. These girls are so young and cute that they rack up the cumshots in no time. There is always a college guy willing to satisfy a college girls need for cock. They suck and fuck their little hearts out and even take on multiple cocks to get that cumshot count up. It’s a good thing that sites like College Rules bring all the action to you so you can watch these young college fuck sluts get fucked.

College Girls Fuck For Cash

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College hotties love to party hardcore and it shows with these two stunningly gorgeous college fuck dolls. One is a brunette and the other is blonde, but both of them are equally hot and supple and ready to fuck. They start to make out with each other and passionately kiss each other’s soft lips before they bend down to suck an already hard cock. They take turns shoving the huge cock down their warm young throats before taking it deep inside their eager pussies. College sex is the hottest because the girls are so young and horny. They are the main reason that college60 rules. Deepthroat BJ Contest

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These very cute college girls get together and start making each other horny by softly kissing each other so they decide to play a sexy game. They have a deepthroat contest to see which girl can take a dildo deeper in her young mouth. It’s not long before they start wanting more and invite a lucky college guy over to take over as the cock that they would deepthroat for the contest. They get more horny each time they suck the cock so they start riding it and having hot college sex. They moan and cum all over his cock as this guy fucks them hard and deep. Another reason why college rules.

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What a great college experience for two buddies to tag-team a hot little college slut. This soft and supple brunette college hottie gets her young pussy filled from behind while her mouth is filled with another cock. As she is pounded in her pussy she lets out some loud moans that are muffled by the cock in her mouth. College rules features the hottest college fuck dolls that love to take a huge cock in every hole every chance they get. This sweet college girl gets fucked hard in her mouth and pussy until she gets a load of cum all over her face.

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College Rules is the number one college video submission site in the world because of videos like this of innocent young college girls getting fucked hard. They look innocent, but every one of them are hungry for a cock and there are plenty of guys around to give it to them. Sometimes they even get together to watch their girlfriends fuck so they can get some pointers. Girls are sexually liberated in college through having tons of college sex. Seeing high definition videos of real college girls fucking is almost as good as fucking them yourself. Just imagine what it’s like to be inside their tight young pussies.


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Ladies and gentlemen you are invited to the college sex event of the semester, Fuck Fest 2013! That is where stunning and insatiable college girls fuck horny college guys with big cocks and get judged by their performance. College sex is abundant and students are so horny that they make a game out of it and enjoy some of the most fun fucking of their lives. Hot young girls fuck and suck and have threesomes and foursomes to satisfy their urge to fuck like rabbits. College60 Rules is the premiere site to see real submissions of college sex games that almost always end up with a hot young girl’s face full of cum.
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